Afropunk 2015 Brooklyn Lineup!!


It might be the fact that Afropunk is always around my birthday orrrrrr it could be the fact that my laptop actually decided to finally work today.. Or shit it could be the fact that alot of the artist who are preforming this year I am a TRUE FAN OF!!!! But whatever the hell is it I'M HYPE AS HELL!!!!! Lol I love Afropunk Fest!! I try to bring more and more people with me each year just to get the experience! Last year was too dope, even tho I was by the DJ's and missed hella performances.. I still got to shop, eat like the true fatty I am all while enjoying good peoples company with noooooooooo issues!!! And I'm sure this year will be no different! Returning to City Park, aka Brooklyn's Commodore Barry Park with legends Lenny Kravitz, Miss Lauren Hill & Grace Jones just to start you off.. Then add in some Goldlink, Kaytranada, Raury & Danny Brown for the extra kick.. And that not even everybody!!! Why would you even want to miss this? Even tho this year it isn't free as previous years were, you'd still be a fool to miss this! The fest begins August 22-23, will you been there?

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#NewMusic: D.R.A.M. - ChaCha & I Luv It featuring Sunny & Gabe

"I LIKE TO CHACHA!! I LIKE TO CHACHA!! WITH A DOMINICAN WHO REALIZABLE TIANA!!"  Lol that statement shows my age, lol I wonder how long it takes for you guys to know who that is! But this song been stuck in my head ever since I came across it on IG lol! Then I came across Sunny and their ever so mellow and rather addictive "I Luv It"
Check it out and let me know how yall feel bout D.R.A.M (Does. Real. Ass. Music) track

#NewMusic: A$AP Rocky - M'$

When I say I can't wait for this new A$AP Rocky album, BRAHHH! I be on here looking for dates like ya girl for nudes in ypur phone.. Different reaction tho, I'm sure lmfao. So far I can play his album and mixtapes straight thru! Yea I have my favorites, but I have yet to be disappointed in a single or full project.. Can't say that for alot of the sophomore projects this year, no shots just honesty.. So when I heard M'$ the other night , I immediately wanted to slap myself for leaving my laptop home... Not to mention I got to work hella early, had like 3 hours to seat and take it in... And then finding out he premiered it at the end of his convo with Red Bull academy. PISSED!! Jobs be in the way man Lol, but check it out..  You feeling his recent singles?

#NewMusic: Chris Batson - God Bless

Honestly..I've been listening to Chris for a minute. Theres a reason tho! Felt like I had to wait on a track to toss to ya'll! Cause some of you guys be bullshiting.. Like you can't listening to new talent. Oh, unless its on the radio...... Smh! This kid is worth it! I mean its not like the beat don't grab you up , and it that doesn't, I'm sure the 1st bar of God Bless will get ya attention quick! But the fact that he opens the track like that definitely makes you give him respect cause he keeps you there the whole time! And his ending is end better, in my opinion
"I was tired pitching songs to these niggas asking round like "who the fuck is working on they album?" Who's looking?

#NewMusic: Kali Uchis - Know What I Want (Chuck Inglish Version)

Not gonna lie, this literally just popped up on my playlist and I felt the need to share, cause ummmm Chuck Inglish fucked shit up on this one! I don't know what it might've sounded like before, but this beat matches to a tee..  Kali vocals and the old school beat in the back, and with her ending the song like "I've should've left ya ass in the friendzone" is beyond greatnet! Lmfao, such is life! But Check it out!

#NewMusic: Towkia - Heaven Only Knows featuring Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane

Let me just start this off by saying.. I think this is the best collaboration between rappers and producers and a sparkle of R&B I've heard in a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I wish it was way longer, just saying.. Well maybe later on they can add some extras you know? On some Ultimate Capcom vs Marvel type remix.. But again, I'm... Just... Saying.. Lol. What confuses me is, how I skipped over Towkia! Don't worry tho, currently doing my homework on dude. But I what will say it's hella dope how Chicago made a chain and literally pulled hella artist into the light, that's LOVE! Much respect! Clearly the world is loving it cause in 7 days Towkia, Chance The Rapper (a list climber for me personally), Lido ( one of my lowkey new favorites for his remix's and part of the reason I actually took the time.) & Eryn Allen Kane got over 2 million plays.. Check it out