New Playlist 11/20/15

The greatest thing about a playlist is that there's no limit.. The worst part about a playlist is that there's no limit! Lol.. With that being said we give you 2hr and 40 mins (might as well be 3 hours lol. Shit this playlist could damn near get you to DC, depending on how you drive lol) of dope new music from a few new favs (Kush The Great, Leikeli47, 808Louie, Tunji Ige and Anik Khan) and some folks I've been hiding (Khamaal,Micheal Christmas, Chaz French & Kent Jones).. Yes I'm allow to be stingy at time guys..You should know that by now lol.. But I give you 2 hours and 40 mins of pure bless.. Let me know what your fav tracks are.. don't be afraid to comment below.. 


For those of you who know me, you guys know I've always had hella female friends. All who've been about getting what they wanted out of life... And the love Breona Garrison is no different. Back in March we ran into each other at The Herds of Fathers 6th Anniversary party and had that exact conversation..  It's now September (well August at the time) and she's already out here creating amazing vibes with her 1st event, the relaunch party for I wish I could post emojis up here because she definitely deserves an applaud.. I mean who wouldn't like a chill Sunday at the end of summer with some wine, live painting and live music!  

The night featured performances from singers Karma & Jelahn Kruze, actors Lionel Macauley & Fred Philp, rappers Bravo, Maxx Brown, Joe O, Shawn Crysis, Wolfe, Shakespear & New Jeru Natives Sir Moore, Ty Jack & Kamaal. And to add a little kick in the chest,  Soulfull from New Jeru Native killed the closing act, all while converting me into a fan (plays The Anthem on repeat).. But to be honest... The New Jeru Native literally took over the event.. From live performances to recording the entire event, they held it down.  

 Between the live painting by Shannon 'Statik' Juliana (performed with Sir Moore), Shaina Negron (killed a live painting of Green Lantern on her muse) & Elijah 'The Art Alchemist' (who painted a crazy piece of a lion I named Leo! Yes i named him after my sign, so what it was a lion!) You still had beautiful pieces by Veronica Spruill, D. Tunia & my favorite beautiful pregnant sister P. Fitts hanging around the gallery. But the most beautiful part about the night was the support! YouRob Get-it from Secret Society, Chuck Wavy from, Franklin's up & comer Bennie Bates & my bro Ian Grey whose been featured on here a few times, and that just to name a few.. Even had her pops was in there cooling with us.

All in all I'm, proud to have been able to be apart of her beginnings.. Even more proud to say that she's the homie! And this is just the beginning.. Make sure ya'll visit and support Also check be sure to check out nativeTV coverage of the event below..