New Playlist 11/20/15

The greatest thing about a playlist is that there's no limit.. The worst part about a playlist is that there's no limit! Lol.. With that being said we give you 2hr and 40 mins (might as well be 3 hours lol. Shit this playlist could damn near get you to DC, depending on how you drive lol) of dope new music from a few new favs (Kush The Great, Leikeli47, 808Louie, Tunji Ige and Anik Khan) and some folks I've been hiding (Khamaal,Micheal Christmas, Chaz French & Kent Jones).. Yes I'm allow to be stingy at time guys..You should know that by now lol.. But I give you 2 hours and 40 mins of pure bless.. Let me know what your fav tracks are.. don't be afraid to comment below..