#Dance... Madd Chad & Paul Dateh / Jullien Meyers & Clara C.

So I woke up to my laptop open and Youtube being open.. -_-, I know I closed it before I went to sleep so I'm guessing my little sister was using it and didn't close it. But kinda glad she didn't, oddly lol. I'm guessing she was looking at Chris Brown's Sweet Love video, for what I have no clue cause she says she hates the video. But YouTube does this recommended videos and one of them was from this channel called DS2DIO  they display dancing and new artist in a way that i could definitely appreciate. I think I sat here for like 45 min. watching almost all the videos.. Until I came the dude from Step Up 3D, the robot guy.. Well his name is Madd Chad but yea.. And then I came across one of my favorite female choreographers Jullien Meyers. Just watch how they make up a dance while the artist edits the song at the same damn time.. lol.. I couldn't help it.