#NewMusic @GabSweay - Can't Have Me

Earlier this year I did a couple post called "Jersey Love" and the first artist I premiered was the love Gabrielle Findley and her song "City Lights". This summer I actually got to meet and chill with this lil sweetheart of Jersey. The last time I saw her I made sure she knew to send me her new music! All type of looks and finger pointing so she knew I was rather serious! Then two days ago I recieved a tweet about her new song and then this post happened.. 

Let me say this.. 20 seconds into the song I knew I was going to love it. This is not cause I know her, its because she is a true talent and I glad to be able to help her and know her! Niggas know I don't post music I dont like! So without farther adue.... Here's Gab Sweay bka Gabrielle Findley 'Can't Have Me'