@IAMMYHAIRBLOG & @KingJasmineMans presents "UNEDITED" A SpokenWord &SoulHop Showcase featuring @Moruf88

As of lately I've been setting up my planner for 2014, looking for concerts, shows for local artist and events, cause this year kinda kicked my ass. Then my homie, the lovely Janae (@Janae_Raquel)  of Iammyhaircampaign.com, started me off with a beauty! She's sponsoring ”UNEDITED,” a Spoken Word & SoulHop Showcase, January 9th at the Coffee Cave in Newark, NJ with the talented @KingJasmineMans and @Moruf88! These two artists are immaculate & have done more than the cliche term ”put Jersey on the map”; they've created a culture and vision to a road that many people have followed by nature, placing Love Over Everything with Spoken Words of wisdom.

Buy your tickets on iammyhaircampaign.com

And BTW all my hair lovers, long, short, crew cut, dry, ultra oily, thick, thin, slick back with the cut on the side! Whatever ya hair is, her and her team have a bunch of differnt hair tips, treats & tricks for you! And yes this includes men too! Show my homegirl some love site, also hit her IG @iammyhairblog!