#NewArtist: Sam Smith

Let me introduce you who don't already know of Sam Smith to the new signee of Capitol Record! Now all we have to wait for is his American tour!! Epic!! But that's off topic, I'm kind of late with posting this, I've unknowingly knew of Sam Smith for about a year and a half due to him being featuring on "Latch" off of Disclosure's latest album Settle. 1st time I heard the song was actually my 1st day at my old job, Diesal! If you don't already know this boutiques are the best place to hear new artist, just a little heads up! But I use to be at work literally waiting for Latch to come on so I could Shazam it lol, it was that serious, but I would get so hype when it did actually come on that I would forget and try to do it the next time! Lol it was a serious struggle for me, but once I finally found it on iTunes and Youtube, I downloaded it and showed it off like it was my song!
Until Sam popped up on a blog I frequent with his new song, I finally remembered to do my search for his music and instantly became pissed! Man dude's music is love! Here's a few of my favorites from Sam Smith..