#NewEP: James Fauntleroy - The Warmest Winter

1st off I was never the guy who was all gung-ho for holiday music.. BUT! I am fan of acoustic tracks and James Fauntleroy seems to have found a way for me to play and ENJOY some holiday tracks.. Even played it around my mom and she didn't tell me to turn it off.. Lol that has only happened when I've played Sam Smith or some house music. But once Give You Love intro happened with the follow up of more one man band acoustic tracks, not to mention that slow down in The Present.. Yup over! Instant fan.. Accompanied by eight other tracks, he gives us 10 different ways to use "Christmas" to represent "Love", completing his compilation entitled The Warmest Winter... James Fauntleroy, you smart lol..

Here's my holiday cheer lol.. Enjoy