#NewMusic: Fetty Wop - Trap Queen Remix Featuring French Montana

So I've been singing this song for mad long.. Come to find out last week when I went to the city to support some of the Jersey homies at Hot 97's Who's Up Next.. Its hella Fetty Wop faces outside lol, nah you guys don't understand it was cold as fuck out lol.. Then I find out Fetty from Jersey... How the hell didn't I know this tho.. Love when Jersey get put on for real foreal.. That was in my ratchet voice.. lol.. But yea this song is addictive, lol I tried not singing it or dancing to it.. Doesn't work lol.. Then you add that "HAAAANNNNNNNN" its a wrap.. Check out the French Montana remix.. With that "SHAKE DA BLOCK!!!" At the beginning.. S/O to the big homie DJ Bobby Trends for the stamp on the track.. But big S/O to DJ Drewski, DJ Shy & DJ Wallah for putting on that night.. Jersey shut down SOB's in 2 Hours lol.. WE DID THAT!!