#NewMusic: Beyonce - Jealous Featuring Chris Brown

Yes that does say Beyonce featuring Chris Brown.. Yes you did read it correctly. You don't have to keep rubbing your eyes lol.. Nor pinching yourself! Chris Brown fans have united with Queen B's, who would've ever thought that would have happened right. Especially after all that Rihanna biz, Chris as usual has risen to the occasion! They really cant keep him down for too long, especially with him always being in the media for something with ol girl.. But on this track Chris opens up about his insecurities.. 
"Queen Bey I'm trippin''Cause I'm a little insecure when your phone go off'Cause they be callin' at three in the mornin'Know I'd do the same shit, but girl it's different"
For some reason people thought that this was suppose to be the original track, when the song came out almost a year ago. But it's still unclear if its suppose to be on the "collaboration album" aka the Platinum Edison re-released Beyonce album, but was never used.. Check out the seductive track below